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Drop by for a cup of tea and stay for a while. We will try to keep this updated regularly to help families with special needs students. Hopefully our knowledge can help with your success!

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TOOLS 1. iTools! Search Websters Dictionary, Rogets Thesaurus,
    Bartlett's Quotations, Dictionary of Computing Terms,
    acronyms, language translators, zip codes, toll-free number
    and area code directories, stock quotes, ticker names for
    companies, the King James Bible, maps and atlases - 
    easy to use.
2. World Wide School Library - over 1872 on line volumes of
    BOOKS...right at your fingertips...Save shelving space.
3. TV Guide On-line
4. Internet Movie Data Base
5. Dove Family Approved Video, Movies, Web Sites
MapQuest - Need to find a street...check this out.
7. Fodors Online - Need trip or field trip ideas
TIPS 1. FREE FUN Mnemonics for helping students
. ABC's of parenting special kids....easy ideas to implement in
    your home.
3. 'I'm Bored

4. Teaching Tip Connections Links for developmental and ideas of how
    to help normal learner, you can use this to see where your child is
    developmentally compared with normal school child.
5. Adaptive Indoor Play ideas for special learners
6. Visit CANLEARN - Toni Hager's new site on neuro development. 
FIELD TRIPS 1. Museums and Zoos Online
READING 1. Reading Works
2. Grammar Works
3. Writing Road to Reading
Tongue Twisters for Parents
6. NEW! Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes
MATH 1. MathFactory Lite Print out free math worksheets. 
    Mathematics Worksheet Factory Lite will lighten any teacher's
    workload. With a few clicks of the mouse Math Worksheets will
    generate random math problems covering addition, subtraction,
    multiplication and division. Changing the font or adding a
    graphics is just as simple.
2. KidsCanLearn Dittos! FREE
SCIENCE 1. Great FIRST AID links
ART 1.  Glue Recipes
2.  Magical Mixes

Download the "KEYBOARD" PDF
[Adobe Acrobat Reader] Power Tools a www.teachnet.com

KULP'S 1. Kulp Family Homeschool
2. Curriculum 1997-1998
3. Curriculum 1998-1999
4. Curriculum 1999-2000 (coming soon)
5. Nutrition - FAS - Program 1999 
6. Neurodevelopment Program - FAS - 2000 (coming soon)
7. Bible Memory Verse Tips - Very helpful and well written 
1. Europe - Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany 1998
    World Studies, Roman and Middle Age History
    Roman Forts, Viking Ruins, Castles 
Bahamas - 1999
    Caribbean and ocean life. Oceans and tides

3. Costa Rica - 2000
    Jungles, volcanoes, beaches

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