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Connections for children, families and professionals working with
special children with vulnerable issues.

Dealing with False Allegations

Minnesota Statutes 1999 Table of chapters

Minnesota Designated Care Giver Law

Arizona Legislation Alert!!!FAS Bill Passed!!!
Arizona HR 2242 to look at changing eligibility criteria for DD services!
Arizona HR 2223 to include FAS and FAE in prevention education programs!

Minnesota Legislation for Children and Families

1994-1995 New Standards of Investigation
(Data Gathering) of Child Protection
offering checks and balances for children, families and agencies.

1996 Designated Parent Law Introduced
(Effective July 1,1996)

1997 Designated Care Giver Law
(Revised from previous year to provide additional
protection to children and families) effective August 1, 1997

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What one person can do and how to do it.

Designated Care Giver Forms are available
at all Minnesota State License Bureaus
Minnesota Coalition on Provider Vulnerability

Brief allegation program overview

This site provided to families and professionals as an informative site
to bridge understanding and help make connections when dealing with FASD.
It is not to replace professional medical, legal, nutritional or educational counsel.


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kids.gif (5558 bytes)Better Endings New Beginnings Buttons to access Justice, Allegations, Families at Risk book or Minnesota Enterprises for Children which deals with foster care, adoption, FAS, FAE, legislation, and just for laughs. Enjoy.Making connections to promote restoration and renewal for families and children in crisis and trauma to bridge understanding of FASD. This site does not replace professional medical, legal, nutritional or educational counsel.  The information contained within this website are ideas that have worked for families with FASD members and you must use common sense, your intimate knowledge of your child, professional advise and safety in making appropriate decisions.  
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