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Great Homeschool Links
For Special Learners

KIDSCANLEARN Toni Hager's new site on developing in-home programs for special learners. This site has FREE Ditto worksheets and online FLASHCARDS timed at one minute without bells and whistles to confuse special learners. Plus load of exceptional articles to help answer questions you may have.

Do-It Lessons A set of web lessons presented in Do-It's website.  Adaptive Technology Lab, University of Washington  Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology


A Place to Get Downloads

GROWN-UPS PLACE at http://www.kidsdomain.com/grown.html is filled with download and ideas for your PC or MAC...enjoy!

  • MathFactory Lite Print out free math worksheets. Mathematics Worksheet Factory Lite will lighten any teacher's workload. With a few clicks of the mouse Math Worksheets will generate random math problems covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Changing the font or adding a graphics is just as simple. http://www.kidsdomain.com/down/pc/mathfactorylite.html

FunBrain Has OnLine Products to Help You. Fun brain has games that our fun and easy for our special learners. and they help mom when life just gets a bit too crazy.

An On-Line Home School Fair 
for curriculum purchase

Programs For Special Learners

  • SIMPLIFIED LEARNING PRODUCTS Joyce Herzog  www.joyceherxog.com  Luke's Life List a great Individualize Education Planner for life skills.
  • PC and MAC program for NON VERBALS.  Mayer-Johnson Co. P.O. Box 1579 Solana Beach, CA 92075 USA  Phone 800.588.4548 Phone 858.550.0084 Fax 858.550.0449  Boardmaker is a graphics database containing over 3,000 Picture Communication Symbols (from PCS Books I, II, & III) in bitmapped clip art form. The program allows you to:
    • Make a professional looking communication display in minutes.
    • Quickly find and paste pictures into your display with a mouse click.
    • Make the pictures any size and with any spacing.
    • Print and/or save your display on disk for later use.
    • Print displays in black & white or color (if you have a color printer).
    • Store, name, retrieve, resize, and paste scanned or custom-drawn pictures.
    • Make worksheets, picture instruction sheets, reading books, journals, or posters. These may be made in Boardmaker or by pasting the pictures in your desktop publishing program.  

Homeschool Sites Worth Visiting . . .

  •  ALL-IN-ONE HOMESCHOOL RESOURCE CENTER Teresa Kellerman's site filled with tips and ideas "I think a mom/caretaker knows a child with special needs better than anyone. Be flexible, yet firm -- be willing to change the days activities, but stress that we have school from x to x hours." 
  • ARBI SCHOOLHOUSE - Educating the Child with FASD. Discover Reality-based education, the development of an external brain, what won't work in managing behavior and more. 
  • The Chalkboard  Preschool/Kindergarten craft recipes, holiday activities, art activities, curriculum ideas. Great ideas for homeschool and parent supported learning!  Here are some of my favorite stops...These are designed for younger students but they work great for my FASD kids!   Art Activities   |   Craft Recipes  |   Teacher Tips   |   Self-Concept Activities
  • Home schooling on a Shoestring - Online resources to help cut costs while home schooling
  • Homeschool Find It - Are you tired of sifting through tens of thousands of links on the 'mega-sites' trying to find the homeschooling information you need? Then try Homeschool Find-It! (Searchable database for homeschoolers)
  • U Seek U Find Home Schools & HomeWork: Special Needs has a list of links that cover many different special needs areas.
  • Jon's Homeschool Resource Page Looking for links that are organized and easy to find. Check out Jon's Site.  http://www.midnightbeach.com/hs/TOC.f.html
  • Teel Family Home Page An Alaska Homeschool family site well worth the visit. Activities, crafts, unit studies...a wonderful place to explore.
  • Kulp Family Homeschool. Ideas and help for working with FAS/E, ADHD, ADD and learning disabilities. Site owned by www.betterendings.org which is filled with information for prenatal alcohol exposure, foster care and adoption.
  • Christian Homeschool Fellowship: Homeschool FAQs 22 questions and answers that many have about homeschooling
  • Homeschooling Children with Special Needs Here are some places to check out for support & information. I don't know of too many moms who, at one time or another, hasn't had the painful experience of stepping on Legos barefoot. You look at these pieces & KNOW there must be more you can do with them, but what? Let's face it, the price of some of these kits rivals the most expensive texts, so we might as well be able to use them for school! Check this link to learn how to integrate Legos & K'nex into your curriculum


  • Visit Jayzee's Bears wonderful home and let your children enjoy an afternoon of great on-line simple and fun educational games. (you will need to enable Java)
  • Marilee's Word Puzzle site for 1st-3rd graders. Good site for busy mom's who need a couple of FAST worksheets
  • ANIMAL PUZZLE MANIA Over 100 easy to play and fun animal puzzles.
  • PET CARE and links. Thinking of getting a pet or adding to your menagerie. BIlly Bear and Animal Scoop are here to help
  • CREATE YOUR OWN STORYBOOKS with StoryMaker. Take lessons from Billy Bear. FREE Shareware program.
  • LEGO Puzzle...visit Legoland, California (your will need to enable Java)
  • COLGATE - It's a Jungle Out There. Know your fruits and vegetables game (Shockwave)
  • GOLDFISH CRACKER - join the little goldfish playing some great fishy games. (Shockwave)
  • SCHOLASTIC - I Spy Game. Solve the riddles, enjoy the adventure. (Shockwave)
  • VEGGIE TALES - Josh and the Big Wall
    Join the Veggie Tales characters and walk around the walls of Jericho - avoiding rocks and falling objects. Join the Veggie Tales, play games, make up songs, more. (Shockwave)
  • SEUSSVILLE - visit the land of Suess. GAmes and contest, fun and events. Green Eggs and Ham Recipes they are really here,  plus your own Green Eggs & Ham Placemat. Don't miss Sneetch Belly Game Can you remember the sneetches that go into Sylvester McBean's magical Star-On Star-Off Machine? (Shockwave)
  • PUTT PUTTS PIT STOP - Join Putt Putt on another adventure.
  • Sum Fun Practice basic addition with the numbers 1-9. Includes dots to help with the counting. (Shockwave)
  • AMERICAN GIRL DOLL PAPERDOLLS - Play with dolls, cut them out. Real American girls. Picture Puzzles of American Girls. (Shockwave)
  • CRAYOLA - Play Color Madness and check out the Color Factory. (Shockwave)
  • LIFESAVERS -- MINIATURE GOLF GAME - Candystand Miniature Golf includes 18 theme holes. Each hole is inspired by a LifeSavers Company brand, candy or gum.
  • DESIGN YOUR OWN TREEHOUSE - join the building of a Jungle Treehouse on the Disney site. (Java)
  • Jahtzee Play online Yahtzee in six different languages and compare your score to others around the world. (Java)
  • KNOW YOUR COUNTRIES GAME - Start with the United States and work around the world as you practice knowing all the countries. Or begin with looking at the whole world. (you will need to enable Java)

NEW HORIZONS FOR LEARNING A building full of ideas

The Original Homeschooling Disabilities Web Site

A great list of links and an excellent site to surf around in: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Pines/8049/hsspecialneeds.html

NATHAN - National Challenged Home schoolers Associated Network.