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Braided Cord by Liz KulpBraided Cord - Tough Times In and Out

by Liz Kulp

Winner Mom's Choice
Non-Fiction Life Challenges

Liz Kulp, age 25, shares her journey into adulthood. Through eight years of journals she write with depth and insight in spite of the brain injury she has lived with before birth.
Braided Cord by Liz Kulp
My Invisible World - My Brother, His Disability and His Service Dog

by Morasha Winokur

Winner Mom's Choice
Outstanding Young Contributer 2010

Through the eyes and words of an eleven year old sister, two separate stories within the same family are told. Being the sibling of a child with special needs has it s own unique challenges that often go unrecognized, unseen. Winokur's My Invisible World speaks a gentle truth with unashamed honesty that is often hidden behind closed doors.  
The Whitest Wall - Bootleg Brothers Trilogy Book One

by Jodee Kulp READ MORE

Winner Mom's Choice
Best Young Adult Fiction 2009
Best Adult Fiction 2009

There's a crime bigger than just one murder. A fast paced novel introduces  a dark world secret.
For those in the know this serial killing is 100% preventable. From Midwest Reviewer's Bookwatch "The first of series, The Whitest Wall is a book that reading groups will gobble up. Educators can count on The Whitest Wall to keep the attention of their students while they learn."
Best I Can Be - Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Effects

by Liz Kulp

Winner Mom's Choice
Outstanding Young Contributer  2009

"This was the book with answers to questions we had! I have been reading it to my daughter with ARND/FASD. She knows now she can make it because Liz has! You would of thought she wrote the book about her!  Highly recommended by our family!" - Barbara

Our FAScinating Journey -
Keys to Brain Potential Along the Path of Prenatal Brain Injury

by Jodee Kulp

Celebrates life in the challenge of parenting, teaching or counseling a person with FASD.

Written for families, professionals and the community to open the door to possibilities for our citizens who have sustained brain injury due to toxins in the womb.


 Families at Risk -
A Guide for Care Providers for Out-of-home Placement of Children

by Jodee Kulp

A guide to understanding and protecting children and care providers involved in out-of-home or adoptive care.
Over 400 pages of questions with answers you may not have the opportunity to ask.

A classic for foster care providers and new adoptive families.

Tiny Titan - Journey of Hope

by Ann Yurcek READ MORE

Winner Mom's Choice

Best Adult Non-Fiction 2007
Winner Dove Award 2008

Am story of hope for families who love children with exceptional needs .

The Long Way To Simple -
50 Years of Ideas to Live, Love and Laugh as a Person with FASD

by Stephen Neafcy

Winner Mom's Choice
Best Adult Non-Fiction 2009

Join Steve and other young adults with FASD as they journey through adulthood. Full of ideas, hope and support!

Lyrics and music
by Liz Kulp
and the MoAngels

A great tool to use with high school trainings
Listen to songs

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  Braided Cord by Liz Kulp $24.95  
  Best I Can Be by Liz Kulp $12.95  
  FAS Affects CD by Liz Kulp and Mo'Angel $6.95  
  My Invisible World by Morasha Winokur $12.95  
  The Whitest Wall by Jodee Kulp $14.95  
  Our FAScinating Journey by Jodee Kulp (currently being reprinted only 10 of original books remaining $24.95  
  Families at Risk by Jodee Kulp $29.95  
  Long Way To Simple by Stephen Neafcy $12.95  
  Tiny Titan by Ann Yurcek $15.95  

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