Providing Hope to Adults with Fetal Alcohol
  A Quick Review

The Long Way


by Stephen Neafcy
50 Years of ideas to live, love and laugh
as a person with FASD

Stephen Neafcy, author with his
wife Barbara and pal Maynard

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Better Endings New Beginnings

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Stephen Neafcy, discovered at age 43, he was born with Fetal Alcohol Effects. He was not a "Bad" person, but a person with brain damage due to the alcohol his mother drank while she was pregnant.

"Steve's life journey of living with FASD as an undiagnosed adult and then dealing with the reality of brain damage is eye opening. Not only does he provide insight into the ups and downs of his life, he graciously (with the help of four other dynamic young adults with FASD) gives us the Road to Simple in life stories, quotes and a do - 'able' checklist to provide Hope to the next generation."

Jodee Kulp,Better Endings New Beginnings

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The Best I Can Be: Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome-Effects
Best I Can Be Living with
Fetal Alcohol

by Liz Kulp

Winner 2007
Best of Family by Books and Authors - Written by a teen and her mother to help people understand the world inside the mind of a young person with Fetal Alcohol.

Tiny Titan
Journey of Hope

by Ann Yurcek

Winner of 2007 Mom's Choice Best Adult Non Fiction, Winner 2007 Inspiration Books and Authors. An impossible
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Our FAScinating Journey: Keys to Brain Potential Along the Path of Prenatal Brain Injury, Second Edition
Our FAScinating Journey

by J Kulp

A case study of one child and family's journey into the life of fetal alcohol. Diagnosed at age 12 the
family set up a brain training program to help
their daughter build skills
for opportunity.

Giving ordinary people, extraordinary voices to
show that better endings are possible and new beginnings can be achieved with powerful stories to inspire, build hope and provide wisdom to change the world one person at a time.

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