Best I Can Be Opens Eyes
on the Reality of Drinking While Pregnant  A Quick Review

Best I Can Be
The Best I Can Be: Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome-Effects

by Liz Kulp (teen author)
Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Effects

Liz Kulp at age 21 and her mother.

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Liz Kulp, age 13, born with Fetal Alcohol Effects provides insight to professionals and families. Her point of view offers doors to hope for these children and adults.

"Sometimes just being able to take hope that the one we love so dearly will "have a chance" is the greatest gift that can be given. That's where this story told by a mom and her daughter strikes home. It's a short book for a great story. There are no miracles except those that come from hard work and the grace of life. But that grace is there. The mom give us good links; the daughter gives us insight -- both are invaluable. It's an inspiring story of the good that can be worked by effort and self understanding. The barriers of biology cannot be made to go away -- but they can be climbed over.
Edwin Conrad

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Giving ordinary people, extraordinary voices to
show that better endings are possible and new beginnings can be achieved with powerful stories to inspire, build hope and provide wisdom to change the world one person at a time.

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