Tiny Titan, a Mother's Day Story of Hope

Tiny Titan
A Journey of Hope

by Ann Yurcek

Ann Yurcek and
 Tiny Titan Becca

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Ann Yurcek was 'just' a mom when her story begins with the birth of her daughter Becca who surprised everyone with a rare genetic disorder called Noonan's syndrome. As Becca struggled to survive her family plunged into poverty. Their remarkable journey out of poverty is a story of its own, but within the pages lie secrets much more important we all need to know.

Thank you to all the Yurceks for being brave enough to share their story.

Tiny Titan has been awarded

  • MCA_Recipient_RGB.jpg2007 GOLD7 Best Adult Non-Fiction Mom's Choice Awards

  • 2007 SILVER Your Heart Our Hands (for philanthropic spirit)

  • 2007 Best Inspirational Book - Authors and Books.

  • 2008 DOVE Award


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2009 Silver
Mom's Choice
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2009 Gold
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Giving ordinary people, extraordinary voices to show that better endings are possible and new beginnings can be achieved with powerful stories to inspire, build hope and provide
wisdom to change the world one
 person at a time.
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