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FAScinating Journey- a Guidebook, February 19, 2005
- Kari
 (Minnesota, USA)
Jodee Kulp's book "Our FAScinating Journey" is a wonderful resource for every family that is touched by FASD. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders has been around as long as alcohol has, but as an identified syndrome it is really in its infancy. There are not well worn paths that parents like me can follow and I appreciate the great lengths that Jodee went to in documenting the various therapies, strategies and teaching methods that they used in their home. The second page of the books states, "Karl, Liz and I cannot give you answers for the person you love with prenatal brain injury. Every person is different. We can, however, share with you our journey." Their journey made a path where there was none and I am thankful for that. This book should not be viewed as a "one time read" but rather as a resource manual that may be read in parts and reviewed as needed. It may be that a family implements only a few of the ideas in the book and I believe that, given the layout of the book, it was the author's intent to give the reader that choice.

A Truly Practical Guide to Raising a Child with FAS, June 17, 2004 -- Peggy S. Oba (Kansas City, Missouri United States) -- This is one of the most practical guides to therapies and treatments for FAS. There are references for physical therapies, sensory therapies and food allergies. Jodee and her daughter have tried to collect all their experiences to make them available to other families so that they do not hve to "reinvent the wheel". The companion book, *All That I Can Be* by Liz Kulp is perfect for teenagers who want to know what FAS is all about.

Fascinating Life in the FASlane, April 6, 2004 -- Claudia Barker (Bastrop, TX) -- Ms. Kulp has done a wonderful job, as usual, updating her classic book on raising a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves someone with FASD.

A One-Stop-Shop for Caregivers of FASD Children, July 16, 2003
Susan Rose (Flushing, NY United States) --
Our FAScinating Journey, by Jodee Kulp, is an essential reference guide for anyone raising an FASD child. It is a well-written 'one-stop-shop' for parents and caregivers which provides detailed slutions to the everyday problems that families face a a result of FASD. Parents of FASD children usually spend thusands of dollars and hours on ineffective therapies and strategies. At #39.95, this book is a bargain. Considerng that Our FAScinating Journey is also a success story, this is a must read. Susan Rose, Director, FAS Support Network, of Manhattan, Queens and Long Island, NY

Terrific Book for Parents and Professionals, June 12, 2002 -- Linda Meyer (Champaign, IllinoisI have found "The Best I Can Be," "Families at Risk," and "Our FAScinating Journey," to be comprehensive, informative, and inspiring work. I recommend them for all families raising children prenatally exposed to substances. These books represent the experiences and lessons of an adoptive family that has faced and dealt with these issues sensitively and successfully.

A MUST!!, May 6, 2002 -- Ann Gibson, Coordinator FASworld Germany
This book is a must for anyone dealing with FAS/E. Oh how I wish it was available in German, we desperately need this sort of resource here!!

Our FAScinating Journey, April 16, 2002 -- Linda from Valrico, FL USA
Great Book -- a must read. Not only does Jodee tell an unforgettable story about her daughter, but it is stock full of incredible information, links, program ideas, and even recopies

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5 out of 5 starsAMAZON REVIEW

Must Read for parents who adopt and for professionals who work with kids, February 27, 2006 --J. Hinrichs "Spirit-led author and artist" (Harrold, SD United States)-- This book is fantastic! It explains Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects, and gives the reader understanding and tools to use to work with people who have FAS/E and also how to love and accept them and appreciate them as they are. I have an adopted son with FAE and when I first realized he had this I was very discouraged because all I had heard about FAS/E was so negative. I didn't know if I would be successful being the mom he needed me to be. This book gave me such insight. It also showed me that some of what I have dealt with with my son is normal and it is okay. It is a book that celebrates life in all its forms -- even the challenging form FAS/E creates. Thank you to Liz and Jodee Kulp for sharing their life with us.

Taking Hope, February 24, 2006  -- Edwin Conrad (Vadnais Heights, MN USA) - Sometimes just being able to take hope that the one we love so dearly will "have a chance" is the greatest gift that can be given. That's where this story told by a mom and her daughter strikes home. It's a short book for a great story. There are no miracles except those that come from hardwork and the grace of life. But that grace is there. The mom give us good links; the daughter gives us insight -- both are invaluable. It's an inspiring story of the good that can be worked by effort and self understanding. The barriers of biology cannot be made to go away -- but they can be climbed over.

Invaluable tool for practioners working with FASD children, February 1, 2005 -- Pediatric Therapist "Cynthia" (Washington State) This is a well written account from a child and parent regarding the reality of living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects. Not only is this an important internalization for the practitioner but an important tool for parents and family to work through the acceptance of the profound life altering condition this birth defect manifests. Regardless of your level of education this is an important publication for a devastating condition for parent and child. Cynthia, Pediatric Therapist

If we only saw this book sooner, October 1, 2004 -- boo boo (philadelphia,pa) -- Your book was the missing piece of information for our adopted daughter who's birthmom is an alcoholic. As a nurse and a doctor we were unable to find what was wrong with our daughter-no other professionals we took her to knew what was wrong. Every thing written in this book could have been written about our daughter and if we had gotten this information sooner we would have had a different point of view for her behavior and learning problems. We were not taught about FAS/FAE in nursing/medical school. This information needs to be learned at that level in order to assist with an early diagnosis and life planning for the child to avoid what we went through- 15 different schools in 10 years.

The Best I Can Be, April 6, 2004 --Claudia Barker (Bastrop, TX) -- This is a wonderful little book written by a mother and daughter. The daughter has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, and this is their journey together, from both of their perspectives, in living with these disabilities. Very insightful and full of parenting tips for others in this situation. Teachers and health care professionals would gain great insight by reading this as well.

Wonderful, May 6, 2002 -- Ann Gibson, Coordinator, FASworld Germany - A look at FAS/E from a personal point of view. What a great way of getting the message of how FAS/E affects children, out into the world!

An incredible resource on FAS, from a family's perspective, -- May 2, 2001
Reviewer: Laura S Heiman (see more about me) from Northfield, MN United States
This book tells the story of a girl who suffers from FAS, and her journey with her adoptive parents towards education and independence. One of the best handbooks I've read on the subject; short, but packed with information, thorough lists of resources, home school supplies that worked, etc., and, most valuable of all, a family's perspective on the trials and successes of dealing with this syndrome. Liz, the daughter, was adopted soon after birth, and couldn't stand being touched until nearly her 10th year. Her parents home schooled her from fourth grade on, after finding that the schools couldn't really give their daughter the help she needed. There are segments written by Liz throughout the book, written in her own hand, about her struggles, difficulties, and successes. This book is hard to find in libraries, but it is, in its own way, as important and valuable as Streissguth's books, and far more immediate and touching. Read this!!

5 out of 5 starsAMAZON REVIEW

A Must for Foster Parents!, November 2, 2000 -- Reviewer: gale jones from Kenosha,Wi. -- As a special needs foster parent of six years I've had to solve my children's' issues pretty much on my own. I came across "Families at Risk" by accident. I'm happy to say it hasn't been out of my arms reach for two weeks. It is full of much needed information like: *Tips on how to help children express anger in a safe way. *Emotional stages that children go thru and how to handle them. *Parents personal stories. *Uplifting quotes. *Positive discipline techniques. *How to document on your children. *Establishing family rules. I could go on and on. This is a book that I feel should be supplied to all foster and adoptive parents. Give it a try!


Editorial Reviews
Jodee Kulp  November 18, 1998
Restoration of families begins with each of us
Opening the door of a forgotten or closed childhood is painful for every adult, whether facing abuse, alcohol, drugs, neglect, illness, death or a myriad of other family complications. But opening the door is only the beginning of the healing - for yourself and for your families. Walk with me as I journey back and then move forward in a rewarding and healthy way. Then grasp my words and journey yourself back to where you once were and on to where you want to be. This is easy to read with profound impact for those of us who left pieces of childhood behind.


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Journey to Life
A poetic journey of
family recovery,
renewal and
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Families at Risk
A foster/adtopive care classic. Over 415 pages of answers to hard questions.

Best I Can Be
Understand FASD through the eyes of a young teen and her mother. Co-authored by Liz and Jodee Kulp

Our FAScinating Journey
Gain skills to help young people with FASD. Filled with strategies and creative ideas.

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