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Jodee Kulp author of "Families at Risk" Jodee Kulp is committed to excellence and integrity in her business, her personal life and her family. Her professional, family and child advocacy experiences includes: Our FAScinating Journey: The Best We Can Be Keys to Brain Potential Along the Path of Prenatal Brain Injury, Better Endings New Beginnings, 2002 The Best I Can Be, Living with Fetal Alcohol, by Liz and Jodee Kulp, Better Endings New Beginnings, 2000 Families at Risk, Better Endings New Beginnings, 1993 Journey to Life, Hazelden, 1986, 1991. Jodee was Co-Editor, MN Foster Care Association, 1991-1999, News and Views Editor, MN Foster Care Association, 1999-present, News and Views Our Families. Jodee has been a Presenter/Keynote Speaker for Families at Risk Conferences and Institutes; Verbal Abuse Workshops; Creative Learning Strategies for FAS/FAE children; 10 Easy Tips to Live with Your Child with Fetal Alcohol and Understanding Fetal Alcohol from the Inside. Jodee Kulp has won the following awards: 1986 International Entrepreneur of the Year, International Council of Small Business; Best of Show, First Place and Honorable Mentions in National design and typography competitions; 1986 Minnesota Outstanding AVTI Graduate; Who's Who in Professional and Executive Women and International Book of Honor for distinguished service to Profession.

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(Thank you to Bonnie Buxton ) is operated by Minneapolis parent, activist, and author Jodee Kulp. Jodee and daughter Liz, with FAS, have written a book about their hard work in helping Liz to lead a normal life, and you can buy it here, That's just one of the inspiring things you'll find on this positive and enlightening site. Jodee is at (

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Journey to Life
A poetic journey of
family recovery,
renewal and
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Families at Risk
A foster/adtopive care classic. Over 415 pages of answers to hard questions.

Best I Can Be
Understand FASD through the eyes of a young teen and her mother. Co-authored by Liz and Jodee Kulp

Our FAScinating Journey
Gain skills to help young people with FASD. Filled with strategies and creative ideas.

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